INGREDIENTS OF A CLUE | Interactive Theatre

INGREDIENTS OF A CLUE | Interactive Theatre


We’ve partnered with Enigmatic Events Collective to host a night, on October 31st, of interactive theatre where the stage is the entire Nourish home and the theme is feuled with mystery…

Step back to the year 1924. An evening pulled together to honour the Famed Food Critic & Journalist Doctor Isaiah Black {who’s controversial opinions have affected many people in his years behind the typewriter}. Sip cocktails with Professor Plum, nibble on hors d'oeuvres with Mrs. Peacock, and mingle with Colonel Mustard to learn about their opinions and interactions with the guest of honour.

Tickets included delectable savoury & sweet canapés. A celebratory cocktail, & the Interactive play.

There will be prizes for best 1920’s costume! We’d love to see the home filled with the vision of an era past!

Doors @ 7pm sharp.
Interactive theatre until 8:30pm
Conclusion of evening at 10:30pm

Cash bar for those who wish to have more than one beverage.

Early bird pricing offered until Oct 18, 2019

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