Nourish Club Card | New

Nourish Club Card | New

from 50.00

Purchasing a card means you want to be a part of the cutting edge activity of our company.  You will help us shape our offerings & create beautiful experiences.  It also means we want to reward you!

This is, a pre loaded card with dollars to use at Nourish or Charlotte & the Quail.  You can opt to load up your card as little or as often as you wish, the only rule is that you need to use it in order to receive Club Card rates, discounts and exclusive offerings. You can also use it anytime, even if you just simply want to come in to eat.

In return for being la memberl, you receive:

  • First dibs on workshop spots with exclusive rates

  • 10% off Nourish edible pantry products for your home {bone broth, seedy bread, water kefir, ferments...} 

  • Exclusive offers & flash deals for dining in {hello 2.4.1 Benny Days at Nourish & soul-o dining specials at C&Q}You get to choose what and how you use your Club Card credit on.   

Be sure to REGISTER YOUR CARD HERE!  You will be sent a heads up email each month with all the information for planning and preparing how you will Nourish Yourself with us.  

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Hold on tight to your Club Cards!  Treat them as you would cash.  We are able to locate your data if you loose your card however, we are not able to look up the balance, and therefor, are not able to reimburse any lost funds. 

You must use your Club Card for payment of all exclusive Nourish Club offers, otherwise, regular pricing applies.  This means all payments for experiences at one of our locations, including menu specials, workshops, and gatherings must be made the day of with your Club Card.  If you register or reserve online, you must have your card with you when you come in person for the experience.  For limited space events, including workshops, gatherings, and complimentary classes, pre-registration is essential in guaranteeing your spot.