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This page information is for people wanting to host Pop-Up Shops,
Markets & Healthy Living Workshops to the Nourish Community


{these are events that
Parlour Lounge OR Botanical Bar Room  |   9am - 3pm  |  $250 exclusive company use
Parlour lounge with Botanical Bar open for bevies |  9am - 3pm  |  $375 3-6 companies

Parlour Lounge Workshop  |  9am - 3pm  |  $450
Botanical Bar Room Workshop  |  9am - 3pm  |  $350
First OR Second Floor Workshop  |  4:30pm - 9pm  |  $575
Whole House Takeover {including outdoors if desired}  |  4:30pm - 9pm  |  $850

Nourish holds company values rooted
in our love of mother nature, therefore, 
proposals for this type of rental must be submitted for review
& highlight intention to enrich our community culture.
Approval is only considered if your
company aligns with honouring our earth & its beings too.  
We are keen to help with getting the word out
& would love to work with you on the marketing; 
we will share your story and your products with our guests & followers,
on both our website {1 blog interview} 
and SM accounts {minimum 2 posts leading up to event}. 
We can also sell tickets via our website, 
for an additional 20% of ticket revenue.

If you would like to get in touch with a proposal, please do fill out the form below!

-staffing for fully equipped cash & carry beverage bar
-use of rooms furnishings for laying out as you wish
-one of our team members on-sight
for any questions and support
-a mix of cozy furniture for a mingle layout on the second floor,
use of outdoor spaces,

Additional Costs & Considerations:
-day of set up, event materials, & execution are your responsibility  
-additional time needed for tear down after 9pm is charged at $175/hr.


Name *
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Give us a little overview of the community event or workshop you are envisioning and why it is that you would like to host it with us.