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Sure, our space is very pretty, but our food is who we are.  
For this reason, all Food & Beverage for events
are curated by our Nourish Team.  
Our menus are bursting with nutrition, flavour, colours & textures.  
Seasonally inspired & gluten free, with the availability of
dairy free, nut free, vegan & vegetarian options. 
We have all the Nourish plates, glassware, cutlery, serving ware, 
tables & chairs you will need included in the cost
{unless there is an exact style you have your heart set on}.  
Booking rates outlined here do not include menu prices, tax or gratuities. 


Our bar serves a tasty selection of beautiful Natural Wines, Microbrew beers, &
seasonally, inspired cocktails and nonalcoholic house made beverages.  
We have menu options for both host or cash bar.


The venue rental includes one of our team members on-sight
for any questions and support.  
Food & Beverage Service includes the appropriate amount of team members to execute your event with care & attention. 


We are more than happy to arrange an interactive learning experience
with one of our trusted creative partners for the group you are bringing together.  These include plant care, seasonal urban gardening, mindful eating, good-for-you-desserts, & the world of ferments.
Workshop price per person varies according to learning experience. 
Instructors are an additional $100/hour
& able to host up to 12 people at a time.


-extra time needed for tear down of your event materials are charge at a rate of $225/hour
-furniture movement beyond minor table and chair reconfiguration is $250 so we can have the pros do it safely
-rental of special equipment, furniture, or decor is not included nor coordinated through Nourish
-for gatherings that require more than F&B menu coordination, we ask that one of our partnering event coordinators are involved. We promise they will make your event come to life magically.