The Garden

From the front patio to the farm garden, our outdoor space at Nourish is truly magic. At the front of the house, enjoy full dining service all summer and beautiful inner harbour views. Wander around back and you will find our farm garden - the stage for year round growing workshops by Hatchet n' Seed, live music nights, and the origin of some of the most nutrition-packed stars on your plate. A wonderful place to enjoy our cafe menu.


Cafe Menu

Our cafe menu is packed with seasonal hot and cold coffees, health boosting bevies, alcoholic sips, and a beautifully curated menu of smaller bites that are packed with flavour and health boosting ingredients. 


The Farm Garden

Designed by permaculture design company Hatchet n' Seed, the farm garden is the heartbeat of the house. It is a classroom, an event space, and a place for quiet contemplation over a glass of wine or a mug of bone broth. 


The Harbour Patio

Open from June to October for full service, the front patio is a coveted summer spot to enjoy a meal with the people you love.