We have come together to make people feel healthy & happy. We create a wholesome loving space for both our guests, and each other, with our intentions, actions and decisions. We have a focus for quality, a love of entertaining, a thoughtful energetic presence, and a respect for each other. We understand the power of care and use this energy force to contribute to our collective vision. With our deliberate attention to these foundations, we create an experience to touch people’s hearts. 


Each body may require different nutritional focus, but every body thrives with high quality foods.
We focus on our connection to earth and work with the cycles of the seasons for the wisdom and guidance to optimal health & happiness. Our choices for ingredients and menu items are rooted in our alignment with the wisdom found in Holistic Nutrition.  

Holistic nutrition is a collection of ancient natural health philosophies and intuitive culinary techniques which base food and health care choices in the understanding that everything is interconnected and the depth of our connection to nature is rooted in our food choices.


If the above makes you think that we are your kind of people,  And, you are kind, positive, and hard working {because that is the magic recipe happiness} we would love to meet you!
Send your resume, along with a cover letter as to why you want to be on our team and what you are applying for to:


Sous Chef
Beverage Manager
Line Cook


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