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Nourish Kitchen & Cafe lives in a beautiful 1889 heritage house nestled in James Bay, Victoria.  

At Nourish, no member of the family is ever left out - we cater for all! Our menu is packed with healthy, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and meat lover options.  
We support and simplify health and balance by sharing our love of traditional and ancient food philosophies intertwined with modern sophistication.
Our culinary techniques enhance nutrient density and bioavailability.

The Nourish Food Philosophy is based on the principles of holistic nutrition, which encompasses both mind and body and recognizes the influence both have on optimal health. 

We use whole, unprocessed, natural, organic and seasonal ingredients to align our menu with our beliefs. We find inspiration in re-imagining everyday foods.

225 Quebec Street, Victoria B.C. V8V 1W2 | 250.590.3426


Reservations accepted for dinner & special holidays only.


For general enquiries please contact :