Urban Edible Gardening Workshop w/ Hatchet & Seed | Oct.14 @ 2PM

Urban Edible Gardening Workshop w/ Hatchet & Seed | Oct.14 @ 2PM

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Solara of Hatchet & Seed {and the Nourish farm garden curator} will walk you through growing a thriving food garden in an urban environment. 

Each class will open with greetings, a seasonal beverage, and a tour of the Nourish Kitchen Garden. We will explore what’s currently growing, how it’s used in the kitchen, stories from the garden, and seasonal observations.

Following this, we will go into details for what to do in the food garden for the time of year. You will learn how to start a garden during each season, nutrient requirements for plants, composting methods, seeds to start, interesting and unique varieties, how to use the produce in the kitchen, maintenance and much more.

Season 1 | Autumn – Winter | OCT.14, 2-3:30PM | Veggies you can still plant, transitioning garden beds, mulching, composting, prepping the garden for winter, how to extend your garden season, raised bed gardening, etc.

Season 2 | Winter | DATE T.B.A. | Exploring what’s alive and edible this time of year, garden maintenance, how to keep your soil healthy through rain and snow, planning for the year ahead, seeds to start this time of year, etc.

Season 3 | Spring | DATE T.B.A. |Seed starting, selecting varieties, soil mixes, getting an early start, what to harvest this time of year, trellising, organic fertilizers, composting, etc.

Season 4 | Summer | DATE T.B.A. | How to protect your garden from drought and extreme heat, what to start this time of year to ensure fall and winter food production, encouraging pollinators, how to use your bounty in the kitchen. 

Purchase tickets for a single season (this one being fall), or at a discounted rate purchase the full year (4 seasons, 4 workshops) at once!

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