Breakfast & Lunch MENU

The days here at Nourish is casual & bustling.  

There are two different areas, each with their own experience style in our home. One area is a full service, the other a counter service cafe; both spaces offer the breakfast & lunch menu below. 

Our DINING ROOM is a FULL SERVICE experience, curated for you to Eat With People You LOVE.  

Our CAFE is a more casual COUNTER SERVICE option - the Cafe service is ideal for a coffee date with a friend or a solo study/work session. You place orders in the Cafe, and then make your way upstairs to lounge & eat without interruption.  

To create the best opportunities for all our guests, we do not take reservations.  
During the day, guests are seated on a first come first serve basis
and only once the majority of the party has arrived.  


This menu gives you a very good idea of what we cook & who we are,
Please don’t have your heart totally set on anything you see on here on the inter webs.
Because we serve seasonal dishes using local ingredients and small scale suppliers, things change!


also available within this service time: