Behind the Scenes With : Saige & Skye


Victoria has forever harvested a community of creative, artsy and inspiring folk. Our quirky and quaint little island is ahead of the game. From time to time, however, it’s a real treat when we are spoilt with some sparkling, fresh talent from across the water – and, this month is one of those times! If you’re a fan of Macramé textile art, Nourish is about to share your best-kept secret. Victoria peeps, its time for you to meet Jolynn Vandam, owner and artist of Vancouver’s latest storm, Saige & Syke.  Jo is the gem hosting the macramé workshop in our Nourish home on the 23rd of March. 

During the three-hour workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn 5 basic knots, gain the knowledge on how to use these in future pieces and create your very own Macrame wall hanging design to lighten up your life. If you leave this workshop feeling proud, Jo says her work is done! For a sneak peek, her latest creations are showcased in our dining room and featured in our retail store - making the perfect gifts!

Conceived in 2015, Saige & Skye has wasted no time in earning a name on our West Coast. Flourishing from a humble past time to a booming brand, Jo has experienced the wonders of the universe as her passion and career have come together to create the ultimate calling.

The Saige & Skye story doesn’t start with rope, but surprisingly, furniture. Reupholstering pre-loved pieces was once Jo’s forte, until her fast-track mind begged for more. Whilst seeking a way for her creative visions to take shape faster, Jo stumbled across a loom in a neighborhood kid store in Australia. Coincidence? I think not - the universe had pulled its first move.

Like many hobbyists, the birth of an Etsy store seemed like natural progression. Jo had no inkling that this decision would shape her future. In a few short years her knotting, textile-playing love affair turned into a renowned business. Jo was first enlightened to the popularity and potential of her pieces when a café in New York City cleared out her entire Etsy store in one hit – she couldn’t believe her eyes. This was the universe pulling its second move.

So what makes her pieces so special? Each is made to order with 100% love and good ol’ homegrown Canadian supplies, including her custom made Artist Three Corners pottery. 


Now, before all you creatives out there ask, here are her top four tips for aspiring artists wanting to transform their hobby into a successful business:

1.     Do it for YOU - don’t waste time obsessing over what others think
2.     Keep it light - avoid adding pressure
3.     Embrace ALL feedback
And finally…

1.     Put yourself out there! Dreams are destined to be chased.

‘Why Saige & Skye?’ I hear you still wondering. Well, to quote Brene Brown, “Creativity is the way you share your soul with the world” and in true Jo fashion, every ounce of her business is just this; a reflection of her creativity and soul. A huge piece of her heart is devoted to Copper Skye and Norah Saige, her two eldest babies. 

With a history of globetrotting, furniture reupholstering, management & hospitality jobs, makeup artistry, and bringing three beautiful babies into this world - Jo has learnt enough to know what she wants – and she’s going for it! Her biggest feat is the ongoing balancing act of providing hands-on, unconditional love to her three dear darlings and managing her work load. Her youngest princess, Isla Stone is the sure name of her next endeavour – and, wink wink, nudge nudge, perhaps a perfect name for a studio space to offer in-house workshops and host other artist’s work.

Now that you know the Saige & Skye story, I’m sure you can see why we are just so excited to be the venue for this special workshop. When there is a pause in the knot-tying madness you will recharge your creative batteries with some of Nourish’s famous cashew cheese, seedy bread, hummus, rosemary lemonade and home brew water kefir provided by Saige & Skye! Can it get any better? A textile party with a foodie flair.

So, it's time to channel your inner artistic goddess, clear your schedules and purchase a ticketthis is going to be a workshop to remember!




Kayla Sorley