Arrange Your Own Holiday Centrepiece, with Rook & Rose


Rook & Rose | FLORALS
Lyndsey Eden | PHOTOGRAPHY


We asked the lovely ladies at Rook & Rose Floral Boutique to help us design the perfect holiday centrepiece arrangement. Our criteria? 1. Not your typical holiday arrangement - keep it crisp and fresh with bright whites and rich, dark greens! 2. Keep it simple enough for the most novice of floral enthusiasts. 3. Keep it interesting and unexpected - a conversation piece for the holiday table! 


If you've always wanted to try your hand at florals but have never had the chance, this holiday season is the time. Imagine the awe on your guests faces when you explain that you arranged the centrepiece yourself. Hello, hostess with the mostest! This guide will help you create the arrangement you've always dreamed of. 


Bowl/vessel of your choice. We used this one from Rook & Rose, available in their store & online.

Floral shears, sharp scissors or a sharp knife

Floral foam (avaibable at most floral stores, craft stores like michaels, or online) cut to the size of your vessel


Don't feel like you need to use the exact stems that we did to achieve this look. There are no set rules to floral arranging - it's all about texture, shape and colour. Use your creative licence and see what magic you create! In this arrangement, we used : 

1. white ranunculus

2. cream helebores

3. cream hypericum berries

4. dried cotton

5. pieris foliage

6. olive branch

7. desert yearning (amaranthus)

8. queen annes lace



When purchasing your stems, purchase the best that your budget will allow. This will ensure that your flowers last longer. After purchasing, get your stems home and into water as quickly as possible. Use shears, sharp scissors or a sharp knife to cut at least the bottom inch off of your stems, at an angle. Strip any leaves off of branches that will sit below the water line in your arrangement.

Your floral foam will need to be cut to the size of your bowl/vessel, and you will need to soak it for at least 15 minutes before you begin arranging. When it is sufficiently saturated, place it in your bowl and top up the bowl with water. 


Begin this low, spraying arrangement from the outside in. We placed olive branches, Pieris, Hypericum and Hellebores on the corners of the bowl, inserting each stem into the floral foam.

The highest stem in this piece is the single Queen Anne's Lace, which can go into the arrangement next.


Next, in order of height we added Ranunculus and a single stem of Desert Yearning - two opposing textures, one soft & round, the other rough and thin, that add visual interest.

The most unexpected piece of this arrangement, dried cotton, can be placed throughout the arrangement next.


And finally, fill at will using remaining stems. We love that this arrangement looks as though it is bursting from it's vessel. Feel free to let your blooms be cozy. Make any finishing snips and readjustments to height, if desired.


So many thanks to Rook & Rose for your design expertise & talent! Special thanks to the beautiful Emily for being a part of the shoot!

Happy arranging, and Happy Holidays, Nourishers!




Kayla Sorley