How to : Create Nourishing Habits for 2018 (This is not a cleanse!)

Your tryptophan & carbohydrate induced food coma has begun to wear off. Your skin might be blotchy and your jeans feel a little tight. Maybe you've got a nagging cough that's been kicking around since November. You may even be hearing the "I-have-no-self-control-and-therefore-I'm-a-disgusting-failure" narrative on a constant loop inside your head.

How about channelling your thoughts this way instead : 

It's a new day.  You're going to love each facet of your being so much - your body, your mind & your heart - that you couldn't dream of treating them with anything but the utmost respect. The indulgences of the past week fed your soul in amazing ways.
Now, it's time to listen to your body and continue on your wellness journey!

We've pulled together a list of habit forming inspiration. This is not a cleanse, it's an exercise in self love and mindfulness. The following are suggestions for delicious and fun new ways to care for the body {and spirit. Let's take the momentum built naturally at this time of the year to bring the best version of yourself into 2018!

Every body is different, as are it's needs - that's why we wanted to provide you with resources and inspiration to build new habits that feel right for you. Below are links to recipes and ideas that might become a part of your own personal self-care plan. 
We suggest you start slow, and pick at least one thing that you can do every day for 30 days.

This is by no means a blueprint. We encourage you to be fluid, and make any changes that your body asks for. 



1. Water - The most important part of any health regime is to stay hydrated! Try to consume 6-10 glasses of water daily, especially when detoxing.

2. Probiotics - The key to wellness is good gut flora! Include probiotic rich foods like yogurt, sauerkraut & small amounts of kombucha or kefir in your new plan. 

3. Meditation - You will be surprised how drastically a daily meditation practice will improve your well-being. Try meditating (even for 5 minutes!) every day. Below are a few resources to guide you: 

A Guided Morning Meditation - With Deepak Chopra. Only 6 minutes.

Walking Meditation - From Dr.Joe Dispenza

App - Insight Meditation Timer App

4. Warming Ingredients - In ancient wellness traditions like Ayurveda and TCM, certain ingredients create warmth within the body that is essential during this chilly time of year. This list of warming foods will help inspire your winter ingredient shopping.

5. Healthy Fats - The benefits of consuming a diet high in healthy dietary fats are endless. In short, healthy fats are a source of clean, even burning energy (as opposed to carbohydrates which are a short term source of energy that can drop suddenly and leave you feeling burned out) that will help to keep you warm, energized, and alert during the winter months. For more on healthy fats, read this article. Consume healthy fats in things like nuts & seeds, avocado, bone broth, and fatty cuts of organic and/or grass-fed meat. Coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil are all popular choices for vegetarian cooking fats, but awesome lesser known fats like ghee, duck fat, and tallow are great too. And don't forget about butter! Good grass fed butter is delicious and your body will love you for consuming it.

6. Exercise & Getting Outdoors - There is a natural shift within us during the winter months to slow down and move inward. And that's okay! Exercise is important, but consider taking it down a notch until the spring.

It may be tempting to go from home to car to gym and avoid that chilly air, but connecting with nature in all its forms is extremely therapeutic. Bundle up and go for brisk walk or hike at least once or twice a week. 



1. Start the day with a mug of hot water with lemon, or an herbal or green tea. For detox, try this Detox Wellness Tea or Winter Warrior Wellness Tea from our favourites at Silk Road.

2. For something richer, try a hot superfood drink like Harmonic Arts' Macuna Matcha-ta or create your own coffee-like Dandelion Delight with Dandy Blend, a splash of real maple syrup, and homemade almond milk.

3. Try an oat based breaky, like this one from Alive Magazine, with probiotic rich kefir and anti-inflammatory turmeric.

4. For some, smoothies may not feel like the right choice for this chilly weather. This recipe for detoxifying orange, ginger turmeric smoothie is more like a juice (not so icy!), and the slightly spicy ginger adds a warming element.

5. If you can handle deviating from more traditional breakfast foods (it's hard, I know!), a mug of warming and ultra-healthy Bone Broth can have your body singing first thing in the morning. It's gentle on the system, and the surplus of healthy fat can help keep you satiated for many hours.


DETOXIFYING WINTER SOUP RECIPES (try adding soups, broths and stews to your weekly menu!)

Soups & stews are the best choices for easily digestible, detoxifying & soul-warming meals. You can choose to use Bone Broth (available at Nourish) as the base in any soup, adding an extra hit of dense nutrients. All of these recipes are or can be adapted to be vegetarian, vegan, dairy free and gluten or grain free

Carrot & Cardamom Soup from Nourish

Detox Crockpot Lentil Soup from Pinch of Yum (for the best Canadian grown lentils & other grains, check out GRAIN Dry Goods)

Chicken Barley Mushroom Soup from Alive 

Instant Pot Minestrone from 101 Cookbooks

Turmeric Tomato Detox Soup from Detox DIY



Maybe you are eager to do some more dedicated "cleansing". Below are a few suggestions for slightly more restrictive (but gentle!) short term habit shifts. 

1. Try a 1 or 2 day bone broth cleanse, or even a 30 day bone broth challenge (a mug a day keeps the doctor away!). Bone broth is extremely high in bio-available nutrients, healthy fats & collagen. It's also delicious! Many bodies benefit from making bone broth a part of a daily routine.

2. Try a kitchari diet reset! An Ayurvedic practice, kitchari is an easily digestible mixture of rice and lentils or mung beans, with cooked veggies and indian spices. Because it is warm and filling, it can feel more fitting in the winter to detox with comforting kitchari rather than a cooling juice cleanse, for example. 

Of course creating new habits is not as easy as deciding to give up sugar and then simply never eating it again. Healthy habit forming is a practice rooted in dedication, patience & self-love. There are plenty of strategies you can adopt to make forming healthy habits enjoyable. If you're interested in going deeper into this subject, sign up for Ellie Shortt's 'Nourishing Rituals' workshop at Nourish, coming up early in February. 

We want to create new healthy habits together! Join us via our social media channels as Kayla (Marketing Director @ Nourish), Hayley (Owner of Nourish) and some of the staff share their personal detox & wellness plans with you throughout January 2018. We want to hear about your own plans, ideas and habit changes, too! Share your healthy habit goals with us in the comments below, on Instagram & on Facebook using the hashtag #nourishinghabits, Share your recipes, ideas, successes and beautiful failures with our incredible community.

We can't wait to hear all about your journey to creating Nourishing habits. Let's make 2018 our happiest, healthiest year yet. 




Kayla Sorley