Galiano Getaway

Pilgrimme Restaurant | DINNER
Mount Galiano | HIKE
Dionisio Point Provincial Park | HIKE
Charlotte & the Quail | RECIPE
Hayley Rosenberg | BLOG CONTRIBUTOR
Lyndsey Eden | PHOTOGRAPHY

Last Summer, Rob and I made our way over to Galiano for a quick trip with a very specific purpose - having dinner at the critically acclaimed Pilgrimme Restaurant.  So moved by the care, love, and attention given to their space and their food, we knew it would not be the last time we would visit.


As the spring comes around, so does the rumble of activity.  We thought it to be the perfect time to whisk our leadership team off to the calm evoking island for some 'coast, forest, and farm-to-table', perfectly summed up by Pilgrimme team. 

With nine of us going this time, we knew just the place we wanted to stay - Bodega Ridge Cabins.  We had heard of the place in the past, but only recently met the Owner of the retreat, Jesse Keefer, when he came in for a meal at Nourish.  His enthusiasm and kindness had captured our hearts and we knew we would be in good hands. 


Our weekend plans were outlined with simple intentions - get some fresh air, spend some time together, and eat with people we love. 

We arrived at 6pm on Sunday eve, Jesse waiting with a smile for us to arrive.  A quick tour of the main lodge, with a pit stop at the beer tap, was the perfect way for us to shed away the work week pressures.  Sunday dinner was simple.  I had picked up a ton of veggies from The Rootcellar  and an equally hefty supply of pates & cheese from Choux Choux.  We sat around the long table in the lodge and simply unwound.


The following morning was misty - perfect conditions for charging up {slight exaggeration} Mount Galiano under the forest canopy.  The top was breath taking {the emotionally evoked kind} and we took a little break on the summit for some seriously cute selfies.  


The descent took no time.  We had big plans to get to.  Food was on our minds.  Sergio {Chef of Nourish} took the lead in the kitchen for our morning meal - creating a nostalgic dish from his childhood with a Nourish-ing twist.  A few of us helped chop, poach, torch & plate.  The others helped set the table.   It was a beautiful breakfast feast {we will be sharing the recipes soon too!}.


Naps are an obvious on any good getaway {especially with puffy pillows and comfy beds calling our names} - with our reservation at 8pm for our excitedly anticipated dinner we all did our part to take the time to chill out.

We piled into the cars at dusk and followed the windy road to our destination, trying to make it just before the sunset so the crew could soak in the picturesque location of the restaurant.  Just a little too late {thanks to the crazy fog} for the sun to still be setting, we pulled into dark driveway with an equally stunning sight.  Candle lanterns on the exterior and glowing light in the interior, all creating a warming effect on the views into the kitchen and dining room. Seventeen perfect, inspiring & creative dishes were served  -  three stand-still-in-time hours went by and we were still eating dinner - the only thing that seemed to make sense upon the completion, of course, was dessert - four more sweet selections came our way.  Our hearts were more full than our bellies - that is saying A LOT.  


The next morning brought the sunshine with it - which was so perfect for our hopes - a trek along the forest lined coast was on our mind for the day.  But first, a quick fuel up.  Victoria {Chef of Charlotte & the Quail} whipped up a yummy breakfast - toast, chard, eggs & basil pesto {recipe over HERE}.  We packed our bags and our cars and headed for our adventure.   

The rolling rocks that meet the ocean make a statement west coast beach.  We walked for over an hour, breathing in the magical air {have you ever noticed the aromatic, soft air where dense trees meet salt water?}.  What greeted us at the end was a vision I will personally never forget - a tiny  bay with sand beaches and giant rock island.  Stopped in our tracks we all just starred.  A bald eagle dove from a tree above us and soared right over our heads out to the other side of the crescent.   Following the beauty creature glide in the air, our eyes hit the huge rocks in the waters and we noticed they were alive!  Jam packed with sea lions, we could not believe the oasis we stumbled upon.  We walked the shores and sat and gazed.  We had accomplished our intentions.  

Kayla Sorley