Getting to Know : Ellie Shortt


We are so so SO excited for our upcoming workshop collaboration with the talented and wonderful Ellie Shortt. She is a powerhouse holistic nutritionist, recipe developer, fitness enthusiast and wellness advocate dedicated to helping you nourish your body, mind, and soul with nutrient dense whole foods, as well as general health and lifestyle advice. With this blend of passion and smarts we know the evening will be filled with fun and learning.

Gather your friends and grab your tickets for this special evening of talking and tasting as we discuss and experience the importance of mindful eating and how it can benefit you!  Check out all the workshop details over here

But first, lets get to know Ellie...

1.     Tell us the story of how you discovered Nourish... 

I used to live near the HCP gardens location {Charlotte & the Quail} and frequently drove by the sign peeking out onto West Saanich Road inviting people to “check it out.” One day my curiosity got the best of me, and I enjoyed the first of many “best meals of my life.” It was truly a match-made-in-heaven and it quickly become my go-to neighborhood hangout.


2.     What is your “all in, no holding back” dream in life? 

To help people fall in love with food and all the amazing things it can do for our bodies, while doing our best to protect our planet as much as we can. The best part is I’m gradually accomplishing this dream through my business Whole Happy, and the amazing relationships I’m cultivating with like-minded people and companies like Nourish and Charlotte & the Quail. 


3.     What is your favourite item on the Nourish menu?

Can I say EVERYTHING? But if I had to choose, I’ve been a die-hard fan of the Benny Gone Nuts from the get-go, as well as the killer combo of a slice of the seedy bread topped with the fermented cashew cheese, and a warm mug of bone broth on the side.


4.     What is your favourite thing to eat that is not on the Nourish menu? 

I make a mean grain-free pancake that I like to enjoy with some whipped coconut cream, maple-toasted nuts, and a warm berry compote as a special treat.


5.     What does holistic health/wellness mean to you?

Vitality, balance, and exploring your body’s full potential. Feeling happy inside and out, from your head-to-your-toes, so that your entire being sparkles and glows in your own unique way. 


6.     Day to day what brings you happiness, raises your energy levels and leaves you feeling high on life?

Nourishing food, comforting beverages, meaningful conversations, and long walks in the woods. And yoga. I couldn’t imagine my life without my yoga practice!


7.     If you were having a dinner party with 3 famous people, who would they be and what would you make?

Jaime Oliver, Michael Pollan, and Gwyneth Paltrow. I know this list seems a bit “predictable” but I really value what each of these power-house celebrities have accomplished in terms of the discussions surrounding food, sustainability, and healthfulness, and I would love to get into a colourful conversation about the state of our food system, past, present, and future as a group. I would naturally make a spread of nourishing, sustainable cuisine, inspired by their own recipes and stories (maybe Jaime’s roast chicken or lamb and veggies, a couple of Gwyneth’s gorgeous salads, a foraged mushroom soup for Michael), and one of my own original desserts because sweet treats are my jam!


8.     Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In a similar space to where I am now, but with a greater expansion to my company and greater reach - published books, wellness retreats, and a charitable organization that provides access to, and knowledge about, nourishing and sustainably cultivated foods to the people who need it the most.


Learn how you can get more out of your food on Wednesday, March 22 at Nourish with your fun and knowledgable host, Ellie!

Kayla Sorley