The Magic Behind : Moss Grey


As I pressed the “end call” button at the close of my conversation with Destanne, creator of Moss Grey, I felt that giddy sensation I get everytime I experience the rare phenomenon of instant connection. In the short 30 minutes that I spent chatting with her, I quickly deduced that Destanne - along with being wildly talented - is an extremely passionate, grounded, interesting woman of high creative caliber.


Moss Grey came to being in the Comox Valley, in a Cumberland neighborhood that Destanne describes as “little Fernwood”. The community here is strong, a feeling created by the unique type of person that seems to migrate there - people who have tired of the pace of larger cities and are looking for a bit more chill. Destanne herself is one of those people, and finds that her environment allows her to focus more on her relatively new company.

Moss Grey wasn’t a big idea conceived in a moment of passion. It unfolded organically, the logical next step for Destanne after spending 10 years in a career that was particularly hard on her body. A clothing line first (and functional homewares line second), the designs are rooted in Japanese and French style. Both of these cultures ooze a feeling of understated elegance while still incorporating an element of functionality. Comfort meets beauty. Movement meets luxury. Strength meets grace. This line embodies and pays homage to all that is woman.


And fittingly, women are at the heart of it all. When I asked Destanne what the most rewarding part of building her company has been, she replied with a heartfelt, “The amazing women it has brought to my life.”

    The women who own the stores that carry her line, the customers, the friends who have encouraged her - Destanne believes that approaching these women with the most honest version of herself and her vision has inspired honesty in return.

Honesty is woven into the sustainable linen and other natural fibres used to build each piece. It is hanging on the rack. It is emanating from the women wearing it.

    Moss Grey, to me, is beautiful not only aesthetically but energetically. It’s a small thing, but every time I unpack gathered blooms or a snack from my Moss Grey Azuma bag, I feel that I am doing something right. To support local, responsible makers in turn supports a healthy, happy community - and community is the key to a healthier, happier world.

Kayla Sorley