New Moon in the Parlour with Melanie Lichtinger | April 26, 6:00pm


New Moon in the Parlour with Melanie Lichtinger | April 26, 6:00pm

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Nourish yourself, in spiritual ways, at this special New Moon in Taurus evening with professional astrologer, Melanie Lichtinger, held in our beautiful Parlour room.  You will deepen your understanding of our connection to the cosmic universe and explore your Taurean qualities in this creative, multi-sensory gathering.

The Astrological Year begins in Spring.  The energies are settling, grounding, and rooting. Nature is blossoming inviting us to be in our beautiful, joyful Self!

During this special evening, Melanie will help you locate where earthy, sensual, body-oriented TAURUS shows up for you (based on your personal birth chart), and who your taurean planetary players are.

TAURUS is the first Earth Sign on the Zodiac, grounding the ARIES Spirit of fresh beginnings.

  • Perhaps your MOON might be in TAURUS where she is the strongest, representing Mother Earth and Fertility Goddess energy.

  • Your SUN is in TAURUS if you were born between April 19 / 20 and May 20 / 21, and you are invited to be tangibly creative, live life with joy, standing your ground and in your values.

  • If your Ascendant is in TAURUS approach life slowly, and plant yourself where you belong.

  • Planets in TAURUS express the earthy energy in different ways…

Please bring:

  • A notebook & pen

  • Gifts of nature (flowers, rocks, crystals…) to add to the circle altar

You will receive:

  • Your personal star birth chart, prepared in advance by Melanie and used to guide you to discover your own taurean qualities throughout the evening (email Melanie @ to provide your birth date information in advance)

  • A nourishing family style meal

Join us under the TAURUS New Moon, on April 26 at 6:00pm in the Parlour at Nourish. We’ll be in the first hours of the new TAUREAN lunar cycle – well aligned to co-invoke and co-invite the gifts of nature into our lives.

Some Astrology background is helpful, but really: it’s about joyfully entering the experience!

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