PARLOUR | FULL DAY BOOKING | Up to 25 people

| Weekday only | 9am - 4:30pm |
| $300 room rental fee & $600 MINIMUM SPEND in FOOD & BEVERAGE |

If you are interested in booking, you are likely hosting a workshop, retreat or meeting.  The Parlour is our larger space and it will accommodate this vision perfectly for groups up to 15.  Groups up to 20 are  possible, however, as the number of participants increases the space becomes more intimate - still offering some movement, but set up more like a theatre or classroom setting.   

The menus in The Parlour are all served buffet style and include beverage, breakfast, lunch and snack options.  You can choose as many as you wish to fit within your desired budget. A menu for the day could look like this: coffee & baking in the morning, family style lunch, & a glass of wine in later part of the afternoon.  The menus are listed below to help you envision exactly what you would like to offer your guests.


Harbour-view windows
40" flat screen tv with AV hook up
Working fireplace

TERMS & CONDITIONS {please review before booking}


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