Natural Rhythm

Each year, we close Nourish over the winter holiday season.  The first two years it was for a much larger chunk of time and it was out of sheer business survival.  At that point, we were a tiny little restaurant with big dreams.  Most people didn’t know of us.  Those who did, assumed that since we were tucked in a garden, we would close in the winter months.  So, we did just that.  In the down time, we were able to reflect on what worked, analyze what needed to be tweaked and implement the necessary changes that could be done.  In the spring we would go again.  Each year the changes would create something significantly better than the one before.  

We were naturally forced into the quiet (although at the time it was incredibly scary).  It made us become very in tune with the rhythms of the seasons and it convinced us that the space of the winter months offers the greatest of gifts, both for knowledge and for growth.  

This year, was the first year that we did not undertake some sort of structural renovation.  This year, we were able to give attention to our business by focusing on elements that are very close to our hearts - the little touches and the unexpected details.  We’ve always held these with the utmost respect as they truly are what make the ordinary, undefinably special; the chairs set in a certain angle to invite you in and offer a particular view; the placement of edible clippings from the garden on each plate to entangle you with the environment; the use of vintage gardening books as clipboards for our beverage menus with the hope that they may flicker a nostalgic thought.   

We took the time over this passing season to focus on taking the attention a little further and embarking on our very first branding project (finally, there will be signs).  We partnered with our talented friends Tara Hurst (Tara Hurst Designs) & Kelly Brown (Kelly Brown Photographer) to create a visual foundation that communicates what Nourish means to us and the whimsey found in simple pleasures.  Perhaps you will notice the way we incorporate these details over the coming year, or perhaps, you will just feel them.   

This year, we are most thankful for all the little touches that never cease to create the greatest impacts.  And, although a shift over the winter was inspiring and fun, we are so incredibly happy to be back in action sharing our journey with you.