A recipe for BUTTER PECAN BARS (gluten free, whole foods)

We love Ellie Shortt, of Whole Happy, so much.  She is a ray of sunshine even on the darkest days.  Her enthusiasm for empowering our community with her nutritional knowledge is infectious.  

We've got some fun plans in the works with her for the coming year, but for now, we just had to share this yummy recipe from her website.  It's quick, it's easy, it's made with whole foods... it's the perfect sweet treat to have on hand for all the holiday festivities.  No one will even believe you that it is gluten free.

Seriously guys, we've tried a lot of gluten free flours in our kitchen.  We know how tricky they are (and how the wrong one can ruin a recipe).  They can be quite complex and recipe specific.  We are now selling our tried and tested blend, as we find it to be an amazing all purpose option for both sweet and savoury recipes.  We use it in all of our in house baking.  You can find it in our shops at Nourish, Charlotte & the Quail or right HERE.

Have fun whipping these up.  We know both Ellie, and our team, would love to hear how they turn out in your home.  Please do tag us on your Instagram pics {@ellieshortt  |  @nourishvictoria}. Oh, and if you have a favourite place to by your grass fed dairy, we'd love to hear where in the comments below!