New Years Eve


Ring in the new year with nourishing vibes.  

Our cozy heritage home will be filled with celebratory energy, each room offering a slightly different feel for welcoming in an amazing 2017.

Glowing in candlelight, the dining room we will be serving our regular dinner menu, as well as, some specially curated food & bev pairings.  This room makes the time around the table the main priority of the night, spending quality time with those who you will be starting off the new chapter with. 

The second floor rooms will offer a lounge style feel with the crackling fireplace, harbour views, & a spirit bar - setting the stage for sipping nourishing cocktails & nibbling delectable bites from our a la carte tapas style menu. 

No matter which space in the house you choose, we will be serving special wines & sparkly bottles.  We've even created a pretty epic tasting menu with softer pour sizes - one flight of serious wines & one flight of sparkles.  Erin, our sommelier has picked as she always does - out of the ordinary, natural, and storied producers.

With the fireworks scheduled in the harbour, magic will be in the air.  We've opted away from tickets and specific coursed menus (although we can happily design an over the top dinner experience) so that you feel as comfortable as we do in our restaurant home.  Reservations are highly recommended for both spaces in the house.  Please do so HERE or call 250.590.3426.

Wishing you a 2017 filled with happiness, health, and lots of eating with people you LOVE